30 Quirky & Cool Palm Springs Captions and Quotes

Looking for some cool, funny, or chilled out Palm Springs captions to pair with your vacation snaps?

I’ve gathered my favorite Palm Springs quotes, puns about Palm Springs, and clever Palms Springs Instagram captions into this one post, so you can find the perfect words to pair with your pics!

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So, here are my top picks for Palm Springs captions for Instagram!

Chill Palm Springs Captions

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Girls just wanna have sun!

Sip sip, hooray!

On the road again.

I’m all about wanderlust and desert dust.

Desert vibes only.

It’s bad manners to keep Palm Springs waiting.

Vacay mode: activated.

Selfies or vacation didn’t happen.

Friends that vacay together slay together.

Paradise isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.

Suns out, buns out.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can rent an Airbnb in Palm Springs, and that’s basically the same thing.

I’m all about the palm trees and 100 degrees.

Tired feet, happy heart.

You can take your five-star hotel. I’ve got a million stars in the sky here.

Cool & Funny Palm Springs Quotes

“I need to disappear, escape for a little bit / Take a trip to Palm Springs if you’re into it.” – Mistel Marie, “Palm Springs”

“In Palm Springs, they think homelessness is caused by bad divorce lawyers.” – Garry Trudeau

“About a week ago I was sitting in L.A.’s chicest nightclub … and I realized that no matter where I am it’s always the same. Camden, New York, L.A., Palm Springs – it really doesn’t seem to matter. Maybe this should be disturbing but it’s really not. I find it kind of comforting.” ― Bret Easton Ellis

“The thing that appealed to me about Palm Springs was its contradictions” – Greg Jackson

Funny Palm Springs Puns & Captions

Palm Sunday.

Keep Palm and carry on!

Coach-illin‘ in Palm Springs

Aloe you very much, Palm Springs!

See ya later, succas!

Palm Springs: it doesn’t succ.

Dustn’t you love Palm Springs?

Is it me, or does Palm Springs seem a bit desert-ed?

Weekending in Palm Springs: enough sand.

Things are getting out of sand here in Palm Springs!

I have a party-cular love for Palm Springs!

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