About California Crossroads

Hi, I’m Allison!

I’ve been traveling the world and blogging about it over on Eternal Arrival and Sofia Adventures since 2016 and counting.

I’ve had countless incredible experiences as a result of my traveling: seeing the Milky Way twinkling over the Sahara Desert, scuba diving with manta rays in the Maldives, climbing active volcanoes in Nicaragua, watching the aurora dance overhead in Tromso…

But at the same time, despite how much of the world I’ve seen and have left to see, my heart always goes back to California.

After five years of full-time travel and over 60 countries under my belt, I decided to move back home to the Bay Area, and my heart couldn’t be more full with how much I love this state.

No other state has it all the way California does: unimaginable miles of rugged coastline, marvelous snow-covered mountains and unreal alpine lakes, devastatingly beautiful desert, and a whopping nine national parks.

It’s a state you could spend a lifetime exploring, and I’m only one girl with an incurable case of wanderlust.

So while you’ll see my voice and my travels featured heavily on this blog, I’ve also enlisted some help from a lovely team of California-based and/or California-experienced writers to help bring the best of the Golden State to your screens.

Whether you want to travel California’s national parks, its cities, its beaches, or its redwoods, we’ve got your back!