33 Witty Venice Beach Captions for Instagram

Planning to snap some photos in LA’s chic Venice area and looking for some clever Venice Beach captions to accompany your photos? This is the place for you!

Venice Beach is LA in a nutshell: sunny, beachy, and a tiny bit quirky.

These Instagram captions for Venice Beach keep true to the free-spirited Venice style with some whimsical captions that perfectly encapsulate wanderlust.


Whimsical Venice Beach Captions

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I need some Vitamin V.

You, me, and the sea.

High tide, low tide, always by my side.

First rule of Venice Beach: do whatever floats your boat.

Sunshine & tan lines.

Palm trees & ocean breeze.

Boardwalks & long talks.

Venice Beach is always a good idea.

“Under the boardwalk, we’ll be havin’ some fun.” — The Drifters, “Under the Boardwalk”

“I’m gonna soak up the sun.” — Sheryl Crow, “Soak Up The Sun”

Short Venice Beach Captions

Venice dreaming.

Ciao, Venice!

Viva la vida Venice.

Life’s a beach.

Beach hair, don’t care.

Paradise found.

Venice: that’s amore.

California dreaming!

Funny Venice Beach Captions & Puns

Ve(ry) nice!

Canal help you?

Going, going, gone-dola!

Which beach? Venice Beach? You need to be more Pacific.

First come, first surfed.

Venice Beach, at your surf-ace

Venice Beach is cray-sea!

Don’t worry, beach happy.

Am I being beachy?

Water you think of Venice Beach?

Just me, muscle, and I at Venice Beach.

Let’s taco ’bout my love for Venice Beach.

Venice Beach: sun and sand as far as the eye can sea.

Venice Beach is pier madness.

I can’t help it, I’m an aqua-holic.

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