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The 17 Most Stunning Palm Springs Airbnbs: A Curated List

One of the best weekend getaways from Los Angeles is the beautiful desert oasis of Palm Springs, with its unique landscapes, brilliant mid-century architecture, and delicious dining options.

Palm Springs is one of those rare destinations where the place you stay is an integral part of the experience itself, as Palm Springs is one of the best examples of mid-century modern design, updated to reflect a uniquely California aesthetic and its desert environs.

While you could surely stay at one of the luxurious resorts in Palm Springs and enjoy some TLC and pampering, many people choose to rent an Airbnb in Palm Springs as it’s the best way to appreciate the architectural uniqueness of this beautiful city in the heart of the Sonoran desert.

I’m a bit of an interior design geek and spend far too much time on Pinterest picking out beautiful future home decor, and I had too much fun curating this list of beautiful Palm Springs Airbnbs for you all — I hope you enjoy!

The Most Beautiful Airbnbs in Palm Springs

Best Palm Springs Airbnb for Instagrammers: Dream Home

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Image courtesy of Airbnb

Staying at the Dream Home is bound to be an unforgettable experience, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an Airbnb for two with more character in the Palm Springs area!

The first things you’ll notice about the interior are the vibrant shades of blue and orange that give it a fresh, modern atmosphere.

In the living area, you’ll find a small library that, among other things, includes plenty of things to read about lovely Palm Springs.

You can have a meal in the spacious dining area and enjoy a great view of the mountains – in fact, every room has a great window view, as well as plenty of sunlight.

Every corner of the house is very thoughtfully decorated, and all guests are given a unique souvenir keepscape at the end of their stay, to take home a bit of that Dream Home charm!

The luxurious design of the house extends over into the exterior – there’s a large swimming pool, a barbecue grill, and plenty of seating, making this a great spot for sunbathing and taking those envy-inducing Instagram snaps!

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Best Palm Springs Airbnb with a Hot Tub: Mid-Century Guesthouse

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Ideally suited for a small group or a couple with a child, this understated Palm Springs Airbnb is a beautiful throwback with a modern twist, and it’s located only 5 minutes from downtown Palm Springs!

Save for the occasional touch of baby blue on some of the walls and furniture, the whole interior looks like a black-and-white Polaroid picture – the house effortlessly pulls off a retro design without anything looking out of place.

On top of being well-furnished and beautifully decorated, every room in the house is spacious, bright, and connected to the exterior in some way – the bedroom and dining area each have their own terrace, and the living room connects to the patio.

This is where you’ll probably be spending most of your day, as you can fire up a barbecue grill, relax in the hot tub, or bask in the sun by the swimming pool, admiring the palm trees and the mountains off in the distance.

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Best Budget Airbnb in Palm Springs: Casa Ponderosa

Image provided by Airbnb

Casa Ponderosa is a heavenly casita that blends perfectly into the desert aesthetic, thanks to its simple yet effective white design.

The large bedroom is a great place to relax and watch TV, and it can double as a work station thanks to the tiny desk area — great for a workation.

The two private patios are a great place to take in the California sun, and they offer some great views – you can catch the beautiful sunrise from the back patio, and enjoy the view of Mt San Janchito from the front.

What’s more, you can bring your dog with you, and it’ll have no shortage of room to run around, both inside and outside.

The house is located in a peaceful cul-de-sac, and it’s conveniently close to the airport, as well as downtown Palm Springs and various other towns.

If you’re in the market for some outdoor activities in the area, the place is also right by Tahtquitz Creek Golf Course, as well as other great outdoor activities in Southern California.

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Best Palm Springs Airbnb for Vintage Design: Stardust Oasis Guest House

Image courtesy of Airbnb

The Stardust Oasis Guest House is an architectural marvel that will leave you breathless from the moment you set foot on the property!

The mixture of different colors and textures on the bedroom walls and ceiling works incredibly well, and on top of keeping the room bright all through the day, the glass panels lead to a gorgeous patio with a fire pit and a view of the mountains.

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The bathroom is quite large and has a walk-in shower, but if you want to shower under the stars, you can make use of the outdoor shower instead!

The back yard is covered with beautiful desert flora, and even just relaxing in a chair outside will set your mind at ease.

If you want to beat the heat, you’ll have 24-hour access to the swimming pool (which is shared with the hosts) – bathing suits are optional in this area, and the yard is nicely walled off, so you can enjoy the pool in total privacy without worrying about the prying eyes of neighbors.

The Palm Springs area has a lot of interesting places to go, and the house is only a 5-minute drive from just about any place you’d want to visit!

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Best Palm Springs Airbnb for Groups: Mid-century Oasis

Image courtesy of Airbnb

If you’re looking for a unique rental that can house a decently sized group of people, staying at this Palm Springs Airbnb is an experience you won’t soon forget!

The interior of the house has a quintessential mid-century feel, with its neutral grays and occasional splashes of blue, red, and green, and an interior that blends seamlessly into the garden area.

Thanks to the open-floor design, you’ll have more space than you’ll know what to do with, and you can also take the party to the patio and the large swimming pool with the mountain view. 

The fire pit is a great place to spend your evenings, and if you’re in the mood for a more offbeat pastime, you can try your hand at bocce ball, on the court right in front of the outdoor bar!

Location-wise, the house is on an unassuming cul-de-sac, so you can expect a reasonably quiet stay, but it’s also only a short drive from downtown Palm Springs and the great downtown vibe.

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Best Palm Springs Airbnb for Families: Alexander Home

Image courtesy of Airbnb

This gorgeous, highly acclaimed rental is a great pick for admirers of streamlined, beautiful architecture looking to visit Palm Springs with a group or family of up to 6 people.

The open-floor living/kitchen area has an Atomic Ranch-esque atmosphere and is rather minimalistic in terms of furnishing, but it looks undeniably stylish and attractive from every conceivable angle and is very spacious to boot. 

The bathroom features a walk-in shower with ceramic tiling, making it feel very spa-like, and the master bedroom comes with its own private bathroom as well. The other bedrooms are great for families as they have multiple beds, so siblings can have their own beds.

The glass doors in the living room area lead to a shaded patio by a swimming pool – this is a great place to relax, have a barbecue, and gaze at the nearby trees and mountains.

The location of the house is great, as it would take you 15 minutes at most to get to any location of interest in Palm Springs, and there’s a park a block away that’s great for a leisurely evening stroll.

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Most Unique Airbnb in Palm Springs: Dome House

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Uniquely positioned in the middle of the vast desert surrounded by the trademark Palm Springs windmills, this architectural marvel will provide you with some of the most jaw-dropping views you’ll ever see.

The dome-shaped living room is the highlight of the interior, as it provides an incredible panoramic view of the mountains off in the distance and the windmills all along the desert expanse.

Even the bedroom offers an incredible visual experience thanks to the skylight above the bed, as does the large patio.

Your backyard consists of 5 acres of open desert land – you get to admire the local flora and fauna without another soul in sight, and the amount of open space makes this a great location for distancing and relaxing.

If you’re trying to stay off the radar and still have fun, this area is perfect for hiking, sports, or just making all the noise you want (especially convenient as the house sleeps up to 6 guests!).

With that said, there are plenty of thoroughfares that keep this house well-connected –it takes about 20 minutes to drive to Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree National Park and Pioneer Town are around half an hour away.

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Best Palm Springs Airbnb for Hipster Design: Casitas Arenas

Image courtesy of Airbnb

This charming casita manages to pack everything you need within a relatively small space, all without compromising on comfort.

Most of the interior is sleek and gray, with just enough color sprinkled in here and there to break up the monotony and help the furniture pop out. The house has two private patios, each with ample room and seating, as well as a pleasant view of the mountains.

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The real highlight, however, is the spacious courtyard, which, thanks to the abundance of chairs and shady trees surround the swimming pool, is a great place to beat the California heat.

In the evening, you can gather around the grill and cook up a delicious outdoor meal, or go for a dip underneath the starry sky.

The house’s location alone is reason enough to consider it if you’re primarily interested in seeing as much of Palm Springs as possible – it’s located in a very quiet area, but you can easily get to the downtown area on foot.

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Best Palm Springs Airbnb for Friends: Summer Vibes Condo

Image courtesy of Airbnb

 Few rentals have the style and authenticity of No 444, thanks to artistic touches from legends such as Warhol and Bertoia – this is a great property for those who like the prospect of staying in a house decorated and furnished with the works of eminent creatives.

Originally a mid-20th century design, the interior has since been spruced up to feature modern, eye-catching furniture, all while maintaining that trademark 50s aesthetic.

The living area is quite roomy, so you can pop on a vinyl from the house’s collection and dance the evening away.

Stepping out onto the patio, you get a cozy outdoor sitting area with a great view of the San Jacinto mountains, as well as a swimming pool that can be heated (note that there is an additional $45/day fee for this) — which makes this a great choice for winter.

You can also bring your pets here – a very welcome addition to an already homely rental. The house is located about a mile from the center of Palm Springs and has a shuttle stop nearby, but you can also pre-book some of the property’s private bicycles if you’d prefer to get around that way.

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Best Indoor/Outdoor Concept Airbnb in Palm Springs: The Colony Enclave

Image courtesy of Airbnb

The Colony Enclave goes above and beyond in ensuring an unforgettable Palm Springs Airbnb experience for its guests – the house comes equipped with everything under the sun, and it gets progressively more enjoyable the larger your group is.

Aside from being great to look at, the main living room has no shortage of incredible features – there’s shuffleboard, an art gallery that features new paintings every month, and a guitar and vinyl record player to help set the mood by the fireplace.

The exterior of the house is no less impressive – the fire pit offers a great view of the sunset, and guests can spend their evenings cooling off in the swimming pool, enjoying a game of poolside poker, or playing a casual game of cornhole.

Also, at the corner of the property, you’ll find an 8-person spa with a great view of the entire garden area.

Finally, the house’s advantageous location in downtown Palm Springs means that you can take a beach cruiser or a 5-minute car ride to get to virtually any location of interest in the area!

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Best Luxury Airbnb in Palm Springs: Stunning Resort-Style Oasis

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Gorgeous does not even begin to describe this particular house, as it is, in all likelihood, one of the most impressive properties in all of Palm Springs!

Stepping into the living room, you’ll begin to get a taste of what makes this house so great – all the pieces of furniture complement each other extremely well, and the white and dark brown palette is very easy on the eyes.

This theme extends over into every room in the house, especially the beautifully illuminated bedrooms and dining area, all connected to the exterior.

The yard area is nothing short of heavenly, and it’s where you can relax on the loungers, take a dip in the hot tub and the large swimming pool, or huddle around the fire pit under the pergola.

This spot is particularly pleasant in the evening, and it makes for a great place to gather everyone and enjoy a barbecue. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful trees and foliage from every direction!

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Best Airbnb for Off-Grid Relaxation: Minimalist Modern Cabin

Image courtesy of Airbnb

If you’re looking for a unique place to call home while on vacation, chances are you’ve never seen a cabin quite like this, let alone stayed in one! Located just outside of Palm Springs in Morongo Valley, this off-grid Airbnb is an incredible place to get away from it all.

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The cabin technically has no walls per se, as it’s made of weathered steel and polycarbonate – you’ll be able to see everything for miles around you from the comfort of your bed!

The kitchen and the bathroom are separate from the house but are only a short walk away, with the former being very well-equipped and the latter having a steady supply of hot water. 

What’s more, this is one of the more eco-friendly properties you can hope to find in the area, as almost everything operates on solar energy. However, note that solar energy is limited, so there is no refrigerator — but you can bring ice to use the provided coolers.

The house offers an amazing view of the surrounding Yucca Valley, so you can relax by the fire pit with a barbecued meal and just admire the scenery.

What’s more, despite being relatively remote (save for a couple of nearby properties owned by the same host), the cabin is only a short drive from Pioneertown and Joshua Tree National Park, as well as several hiking trails that are right on the property’s 100 acres.

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Most Colorful Airbnb in Palm Springs: Stylish Mid-Century Modern Gem

Image courtesy of Airbnb

It’s often the little, seemingly superficial aspects of a house that win you over, and when it comes to this quirky bungalow, colorfulness is the name of the game.

By combining pieces of furniture in a variety of warm colors (mostly orange and turquoise) with sleek wooden surfaces and modern kitchen appliances, the interior takes the mid-century design 1950s concept and gives it a contemporary flair.

Eating breakfast at the dining room table is a genuine treat, as you get a great view of the beautifully maintained garden area. The exterior has no shortage of color itself thanks to the flowers, and it features a hot tub and a heated swimming pool to boot. 

Because the house is at the very edge of Palm Springs, you can expect your stay to be relatively quiet, but connectivity to the center is great and you can get just about anywhere in no time at all.

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Best Airbnb for Boho Design: The Roseta

Image courtesy of Airbnb

The Roseta is a beautiful home in the heart of Palm Springs, located only 5 minutes away from the best stores and eateries in town.

The interior of the house shines (literally and figuratively) thanks to the modern furnishing, the beautiful white walls and tiling, as well as the abundance of natural light pouring into every room.

The rooms are all very spacious, yet well-stocked and furnished – there’s enough room in the open-design living area for a couple dozen people to move around freely, and even the bathroom has a lot of space thanks to the walk-in shower.

Also, audiophiles will appreciate the inclusion of Bose speakers, installed in the ceiling all around the house.

This is great for setting the mood outside too – the exterior of the house boasts a swimming pool, a barbecue grill, an outdoor dining area, and a great view of the entire area.

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Best Airbnb for Quirky Design: Chic Mid-Century House

Image courtesy of Airbnb

Stepping inside this unique house is like stepping into a time machine, as every piece of furniture and decoration has been carefully selected to take the mid-century aesthetic and combine it with something fresh and modern.

Besides black, white, and shades of gray, other colors are used sparingly but effectively, and the house is naturally very bright as a result. 

The exterior is a great place to hang out and relax, as it has a lot of shaded seating and several sun loungers, as well as a fire grill for whipping up some burgers and a fire pit for windier evenings (which are somewhat of a rarity in southern Palm Springs).

To top it all off, you can hop into the sizable swimming pool or the jacuzzi after a long day of exploring the town – the house is right nearby several golf courses and baseball fields if you’re up for some daytime recreation, and just about every locale you could think to visit is within walking distance.

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