33 Funny Golden Gate Bridge Puns & Jokes

Looking for some Golden Gate Bridge puns to add a little humor to your awesome photos of the Golden Gate Bridge?

I’ve racked my brain to come up with my silliest and funniest puns about the Golden Gate Bridge, perfect for you to use for funny San Francisco Instagram captions!

If you’re still planning your trip to San Francisco, check out this post where I detail all the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and I also have some Golden Gate Bridge quotes that may inspire you as well!

Golden Gate Bridge Puns

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In a Golden Gate of mind.

I’m going to gate leaving San Francisco.

Nothing can gold a candle to this bridge!

Whenever I see the Golden Gate, my heart just ex-spans.

You can truss that you’ll never find a bridge more beautiful than the Golden Gate.

Isn’t it iron-ic that the Golden Gate is red, not gold?

The Golden Gate steels my heart every time.

I have to steel myself every time I take in this view of the bridge.

I’d love to cross the Golden Gate, but I’ve got a short tension span.

Can’t wait for my next trip to SF – the suspension is killing me!

I’ve red that the Golden Gate Bridge is nearly two miles long!

Golden Gate Bridge Puns for Foggy Photos

I’ve really mist these views of the Golden Gate

Have to seen the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog? It looks so mist-ical!

I tried to take a photo of the Golden Gate covered in fog, but I mist.

Karl me crazy, but there’s no place more beautiful than the Golden Gate [note: Karl is the name of San Francisco’s fog, because yes, we named him]

Why doesn’t Karl the Fog visit cities other than San Francisco? Because he’s a monoga-mist.

I’m opta-mist-ic we’ll get great photos of the Golden Gate Bridge!

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It’s hard to fog-get your first time seeing the Golden Gate Bridge

It’s been a while, Golden Gate — I’ve really mist you.

It’s hard to take good photos of the Golden Gate all covered in fog, but I think I made dew.

Punny Golden Gate Bridge Jokes

If you make the Golden Gate Bridge shorter, is it now abridged?

I don’t like driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. It really takes a toll.

I banged my head on a low part of the bridge — I’d have been OK if viaduct!

If someone drives across the Golden Gate Bridge without paying the toll… does that make them a truss-passer?

Building a stable relationship is like building a stable bridge: it requires a lot of truss.

What did the engineer say to the bridge after it had collapsed? I trussed you!

I’ve been thinking about the Golden Gate Bridge for a while now. I really don’t love her anymore, but I cantilever.

Just watched a documentary on how they made the Golden Gate Bridge. It was riveting.

What do you call a polite bridge-builder? A civil engineer.

Broken bridges really annoy me. I just can’t get over them.

Did you hear about the big storms in San Francisco? It’s all water under the bridge now.

What language does the Golden Gate Bridge speak? Span-ish.

What to Pack for Golden Gate Bridge Photo Scouting

A waterproof, windproof jacket: The weather in San Francisco is, in a word, mercurial. There are different microclimates all over the city, and you’ll often find a temperature range of 20 degrees Fahrenheit… at the exact same time in the exact same city, just depending on neighborhoods. The foggy air can be really humid and cold, so a waterproof jacket will serve you well, even if it’s not actively raining! I love my Marmot rain jacket because it’s breathable (hello underarm zips!), cozy, and goes with everything.

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A scarf. Basically every San Franciscan wears one as an armor from the constantly changing weather! I like these Speakeasy Travel Scarves which have a hidden pocket in them that no thief will suspect! Pickpocketing is rife in San Francisco, nfortuantely, so this is good armor for holding your cash, passport/ID, cards, and other important necessities close to your heart — literally!

A secure purse or backpack. Like I said, unfortunately, theft and pickpocketing in San Francisco can be a big issue. Almost everyone I know who lives in the city has been stolen from once… or twice. I’m obsessed with this chic, sleek Pacsafe Citysafe CX Backpack, which fits a laptop, several cameras and lenses, and way, way more than you’d think… seriously, it’s like a Mary Poppins bag! I’ve traveled with it from Morocco to Central America to the Caucasus and never once had an issue. The interlocking zippers confound thieves and scare them off to look for another easier target. Plus, it’s cute AF!

A compact camera: I love my Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. It’s insanely lightweight and compact, making it inconspicuous compared to DSLRs, which scream “I’m expensive, grab me!” to would-be thieves. The Sony A6000 is a great mid-range camera if you don’t need professional, sale-quality shots. I used it for my travel blogs since 2017 and it still works great.

A good wide-angle and a good zoom lens: If you want the full range of capabilities while shooting San Francisco, two lenses will do the trick. I recommend an inexpensive zoom lens (this is one I have and love) and a lens that can go from wide to middle range — this one goes from 16mm-55mm, so the combination of the two lenses together covers everything from ultra-wide to mega-zoomed!

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