Death Valley Airbnb: Tiny Homes, Glamping, RVs & Cute Stays Near the Park

Trying to figure out where to stay in Death Valley?

It’s a bit harder to decide where the best Death Valley accommodations are than you’d think.

For one, the park is the largest national park in all of the United States: that’s a whole lot of space to spread out! So if you’re only spending 2 days in Death Valley, location really matters.

For another, the accommodation inside the park is rather limited and quite expensive. If you landed on this page, you’re probably curious about Death Valley Airbnbs… so the first thing to get straight is that you’re not going to be able to stay in an Airbnb inside the park… but you can get quite close!

This Death Valley Airbnb guide focuses on 3 hubs: Pahrump, NV; Tecopa, CA; and Shoshone, CA.

Pahrump is the largest with the most options and also the cheapest, but it is the furthest away. Tecopa is the best combination of close to the park yet with plenty to do. Meanwhile, Shoshonei. sbasically at the park’s front door, but it’s a bit of a dead town.

My personal preference is Tecopa, but take a look through all these Airbnbs near Death Valley National Park to pick the best one for you!

Death Valley Airbnbs in Pahrump

Pahrump is located on the Nevada side of the California-Nevada border. It is not particularly close to Death Valley National Park, but it is a great stop-over for people en route between Las Vegas and Los Angeles and making a stop in the park.

If you want Mojave desert skies, budget Airbnb prices, and don’t mind scenic drives into Death Valley National Park proper, Pahrump is the best choice.

It’s 35 minutes’ drive from Pahrump to Death Valley Junction, and another 30 minutes (so about an hour) to Furnace Creek.

However, if you value close park access, I recommend Tecopa or Shoshone.

The Peacock


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• 3 guests
• 1 bedroom (2 beds)
Check here on Expedia for details

This beautiful, pet-friendly house blends in perfectly with the desert ambient of the Mojave Desert thanks to its simple wooden design and brightly colored interior.

Despite its tiny size, the house manages to pull off a two-floor design on top of having a patio on the roof – this is an amazing place to enjoy your morning coffee or stargaze at night.

Aside from the second-floor bedroom, the house includes a kitchen & dining area with a great window view, as well as a bathroom with warm water access.

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can talk to the host of the neighboring ranch house and enjoy 3 meals a day there – you can also book yourself a horse here and explore the desert the old-fashioned way.

The Peacock is located in Sandy Valley, an hour’s drive from Las Vegas and around two from Death Valley.

This isn’t necessarily the best Airbnb if you want to stay close to the park, but it’s a great Death Valley Airbnb if you’re planning a road trip between Las Vegas and Los Angeles and want a place to stay on the way. Other places in the area worth checking out are Goodsprings and Tecopa Hot Springs.

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Past guests say:

Such a cozy and fun experience. We also did horseback riding on the ranch the next day. What a memorable weekend. Definitely recommend staying here.

Sun Cabin #1

• 3 guests
• Studio (2 beds)
• Check this property’s details here

The Sun Cabin is the perfect romantic retreat for a couple looking to immerse themselves in the Nevada deserts.

The small studio contains everything you need, including comfortable bedding and an air conditioner to battle the Nevada heat.

With that said, the real selling point here is the amazing patio – boasting a great view of the Nevada mountains off in the distance, this is the perfect place to crack open a bottle of wine, enjoy a delicious meal together, and soak in the view no matter the time of day.

The house is in Pahrump, meaning you can drive to Death Valley National Park in just over 45 minutes and to Las Vegas in a bit over an hour. The town is very peaceful, so you can expect your stay to be very quiet and serene.

Also, the rural environment is much easier on the wallet than staying at Vegas could ever be!

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Past guests say:

“The place I as exactly what I was expecting. Calm and quiet. Would definitely go again. The host is really responsible.”

Sun Tiny House D

• 3 guests
• Studio (1 bed)
Check details and prices on Vrbo

After a long day of exploration, all you really need is a comfortable bed and a nice view to wake up to.

The Sun Tiny House has you covered – with an interior that ticks all the basic boxes and a spacious patio for reading or enjoying your morning coffee, you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Still, this house delivers with charming little details like an outdoor swing and a putt-putt course just outside.

What’s more, the flower and vegetable garden goes a long way in adding some color to your stay in the desert.

This house is the perfect pick for travelers in the market for a thriftier trip experience – it’s located in the small town of Pahrump, so everything is nearby and affordable.

Death Valley National Park and Las Vegas are only about an hour away each, and the quick access to a number of highways makes Pahrump the perfect thoroughfare during your travels across the Mojave Desert!

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Past guests say:

“Has everything you need and a swing as well!! This place was perfect for my quick weekend trip to Death Valley. About an hour to the entrance but very simple directions. Nice patio set up and comfy bed to unwind at the end of a long day.”

Best Death Valley Airbnbs in Tecopa

The best thing about Tecopa is location, location, location…. and also hot springs.

There are countless hot springs in the Tecopa area, from natural ones to private. use ones, including some hot springs located in these Death Valley Airbnbs! Others include day passes to private hot spring facilities in town.

Tecopa itself is a cool town, with a brewery and lots of fun things to do while in town, making it a great base camp for those who want to stay close to the park yet want a little excitement.

Creamcicle “Cottage” Camper

• 3 guests
• 1 bedroom (2 beds)
Check out prices and details on Airbnb

This camper is a great pick if you’re looking for minimalistic, affordable accommodation with beautiful surroundings.

With a comfortable bet, a small kitchen, and an outdoor seating area, you should be more than set – you won’t be spending much time at the camper to begin with, given all the exploring you’ll be doing.

The Creamcicle is part of a larger campground, so you’ll also have access to the communal hot showers as well as hot springs (though it also has a shower of its own).

If it gets cold, you can huddle around the ring at night, and you can also rent a bike over at the hot springs kiosk to make your desert journey a bit easier.

The camper is located in Tecopa, and thanks to the campground, it offers the perfect mix of remoteness and connectivity.

It takes about an hour to drive to Death Valley National Park, and other places to visit include Ashmeadow Preserve, the Dumont Sand Dunes, The China Date Ranch, and many more.

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Past guests say:

“Perfect cozy little spot! Check-in was super easy, and they even turned on the AC in the RV ahead of my arrival. I loved the hot springs pools (yes even though it was 100+ degrees out!) at the campground. The RV was well supplied with kitchenware and they even have a cupboard full of snacks available for $2 on an honor system. Definitely enjoyed my stay!”

Villa Anita in Death Valley

• 6 guests
• 3 bedrooms
Check prices and details on Booking

Villa Anita is truly unlike any rental in the Tecopa area.

Sunrises, sunsets, and starry skies are beautiful at the villa and are best enjoyed from the comfort of the patio seating with a good book or a cup of coffee.

The house itself is colorful, full of character, and constantly bright thanks to all the windows and glass walls in some areas.

The main perk of staying in Tecopa is all the quiet and privacy, and Villa Anita is no exception.

Located a few miles from Death Valley and very close to the Tecopa Brewery, and various trails, Villa Anita is a strong contender for the best rental home in the entire Death Valley area.

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Past guests say:

“Fabulous creative oasis for those who are unbound from the convention. The use of tapestries to create intimate spaces and shaded passageways is delightful, and Carlos’ opulent collection of almost everything is displayed with color and panache. There are plants and divans and sitting places all around, so one can enjoy the indoor-outdoor delights. I was with a group of 6 adults and a dog, and we all loved our accommodations & the big yummy breakfast. The hospitality was wonderful, including (but not limited to) a terrific Pinot upon arrival after a long drive.”

Delight’s Hot Springs Resort

• 2 guests
• 1 bedroom
Check prices and details on Booking

With an impressive interior and an amazing view of the Tecopa desert terrain, this is one of the best Airbnbs in Death Valley, hands down.

The predominantly wooden design is simple, yet elegant, and it perfectly matches the arid tone of the exterior.

Sitting just outside the trailer, you’ll see a vast expanse of desert from all directions with mountains off in the distance, to start your day off on a high note.

Booking this rental also grants you access to Delight’s Hot Springs Resort which is right next door.

A five-mile drive separates you from Death Valley NP’s entrance, which will likely be the highlight of your trip. Although you’ll generally need a motorized vehicle to get around from here, various Tecopa staples such as the Brewing Company, library, and several hiking trails are all within walking distance.

If you want to fill up on gas, you can drive to the nearby Shoshone and continue your adventure from there.

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Past guests say:

“This place is so amazing I almost didn’t want to review it and risk the rest of you booking it!”

Tecopa Sunrise

• 6 guests (8 with air mattress)
• 3 bedrooms (3 beds)
• Check prices and details on Booking or on VRBO

When it comes to providing comfort and great connectivity to landmarks of interest, Tecopa Sunrise certainly delivers.

The house itself is very homey and the beds large and fluffy, but what really stands out about this house is- its proximity to Delight’s Hot Springs Resort.

Guests will get a pass to relax in the heated, mineralized water after a long day of driving across the Mojave Desert.

The lack of cell phone service oddly works to the house’s advantage, as it gives you the opportunity to toss the phone for a few days and focus on taking in the incredible scenery.

The house is mere miles away from Death Valley and not far from the Tecopa Brewing Company, but you should consider prepackaging some food because the town is a bit barren in the shopping department.

This is a worthwhile tradeoff though, as you’ll be close to Mojave’s key landmarks and will have VIP access to an otherwise pricey hot springs service.

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Past guests say:

“A very comfortable spot with amazing desert views. The hot springs are incredible, Courtney provided so much useful information for visitors unfamiliar with the area. I would definitely recommend staying here if you’re visiting Death Valley!”

Remodeled Cabin

• 4 guests
• 1 bedroom (2 beds)
Check prices and details on Airbnb

This charming little miner’s-cabin-turned-rental is a great place to stay in the Tecopa region.

With its spacious and well-illuminated interior, the interior has everything you need for a comfortable stay, and it also throws in a telescope for good measure, to let you experience the starry desert skies like never before.

Although the bathroom doesn’t feature a shower, you’ll receive a pass to Delight’s Hot Springs Resort and you’ll be able to relax in the Artesan Hot Springs.

Another spot of interest would be the nearby tiny pond with a sitting area and stone animal statuettes – the view of the mountains off in the distance is incredible from here.

The location is ideal for exploration, as it’s only 5 or so miles from Death Valley National Park, on top of being close to the few locales available in Tecopa.

If you’d like to stay someplace quiet and disconnect from the world for a while, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more serene option.

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Past guests say:

“Courtney’s place was a perfect weekend getaway! While I originally booked it due to its proximity to Death Valley, exploring Tecopa and Tecopa Hot Springs was a main highlight of the weekend. The locals are extremely friendly and some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had is right next door to the cabin at Tecopa Brewing Company. If you’re looking for a place near Death Valley, or even a place for a desert escape, book this cabin! I can’t recommend it enough.”

Best Death Valley Airbnbs in Shoshone

Shoshone is as close as it gets to where to stay in Death Valley: it’s pretty much right outside the entrance!

For that reason, it makes it a popular place for Death Valley Airbnbs; however, Shoshone is small — basically an RV park and a few scattered houses in this town of 31 people!

If you prefer a little more liveliness, I’d suggest Tecopa – it’s just a few more minutes away, so it’s still convenient, but there’s more going on there. However, if you just want proximity to the park and peace and quiet, Shoshone is your place!

Dutch’s Retreat

• 4 guests
• 2 bedrooms (1 bed)
Check prices and details on VRBO

Dutch’s Retreat is perfectly suited for a family looking to go on a desert vacation.

With its open interior and smart furniture placement, you and your children can easily get around in this deceptively spacious house.

Outside, you can enjoy the beautiful combination of grassy greens and sandy greys as you relax on the patio.

Topping everything off is the large pond that makes the RV park feel like a genuine oasis in the middle of a desert, as well as all the tree-laden walkways.

The south entrance to Death Valley National Park is only a mile away from your Shoshone retreat. You’ll be able to run basic errands without a problem, and you can learn plenty about the history of the area at the Shoshone Museum.

Larger shops are a little harder to come by, but that adds to the experience – you’re highly incentivized to go exploring and drive as far as the eye can see.

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Past guests say:

“Very generous hosts, and the RV is nice and spacious. The A/C works great! The local town is charming and it is on the the main road into and through Death Valley so it is impossible to get lost! Would definitely return.”

Shoshone RV Park Bungalow

• 4 guests
• 2 bedrooms (3 beds)
Check prices and details on Booking

Located in a scenic RV park, this bungalow is an amazing pick if you want to visit Death Valley staying in a rental home.

Aside from a comfy interior that can fit and a family of four or a small group of friends, it’s the RV park itself that’s the main draw.

Featuring a large spring pool and lush greenery while still maintaining that Mojave Desert feel, the experience of staying here is one you won’t soon forget. Follow one of several trails along the pond and see the endangered Shoshone Pupfish and Amargosa Vole.

Besides being only a mile from the entrance of Death Valley National Park, you can learn plenty about the history of Shoshone and the Valley at the nearby museum.

The only catch is, you can’t exactly go out on a whim and just walk to a well-stocked grocery store – you’ll need a car to get to most places, whether due to heat, distance, or both.

At any rate, with so much to see and do in the area, you won’t mind the extra miles one bit!

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Past guests say:

“This was like a home, nothing was missing. We loved the natural hot spring pool.”

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